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Coil Coating
TeleFlash 445 for the Coil Coating Industrie Spectrophotometer for the measurement on the moving coil
Brochures - Hardware
Overview Paper ERX50 Applications in the paper industry
ERX50 Spectrophotometer On-Line Spectrophotometer 45°:0°
ERX50 Pulp Color Color measurement of pulp in an U-tube
ERX40 pulp brightness On-Line whiteness and brightness measurement in the pulp
ERX30 laboratory measurement Laboratory Spectrophotometer 45°:0°
ERX30 EN 471 Color measurement for high visibility warning clothing with 45°:0° geometry, Xenon flash lamp and calculation of luminancefactor, x and y
ERX130 Spectrophotometer On-Line Spectrophotometer with coaxial geometry
ERX54 Glass Color measurement of coated glass, 15°
ERX56 Glass Color measurement on coated glass with 15°, 45°, 60°; from 330 nm to 1000 nm
ER55PA Transmission measurement color, haze, LT
CarFlash Color measurement for effect coatings (metallic’s) in the automotive industry
EFX Frame Measurement frame for the ERX50
EP19X Control Pump control unit
E-P4X Pumps Piston stroke pumps for dye dosage
E-PGF E Pump Speed controlled diaphragma pump
Brochures - Software
ES15Win Basic software
ES18Win On-Line Software for Trend Measurement
ES19Win Closed Loop Color Control
ESWin Remote To monitor the trend from different Computer via LAN
On-Line Anfrage
On-Line Request Form This is a questionnaire to pass all necessary information to X-Rite GmbH Team On-Line
Request paper With this questionaire you can provide all necessary information to prepare a quotation for color measurement at the paper machine
Request Coil Coating With this questionaire you can provide all necessary information to prepare a quotation for the coil coating industry
Articles - Paper
Leipa Schrobenhausen, Germany: Installation and optimizing of a Closed Loop Color Control at PM2 in Schrobenhausen; Wochenblatt für die Papierfabrikation, 17/2008
Lenzing, Austria: More profit with color measurement; ipw 4/2005 (ca. 0.4 MB)
Stora Enso Sachsen Mill, Germany: The benefits of eMPC* at the Deinking plant Stora Enso Sachsen Mill Field report about method, technique, time and effort as well as monetary and immaterial benefits; PTS Deinking Symposium 2008
Fabriano, Italy: On-Line color measurement in the paper industry; Industria della carta, 6/2002 (ca. 2.2 MB)
Articles - Glass
Solar control coatings Online spectrophotometry and layer design tools in solar control coatings; Vacuum International 2/2007 (ca. 1 MB)
Color theory
Color theory poster Toppics: CIELAB, illuminants, tolerances, OBA and many more