X-Rite is the leading manufacturer for color measurement and color management products.

X-Rite In-Line Color Solutions (previously GretagMacbeth) provides products for non-contact measurement in rough environment directly in the machine.These systems are used worldwide in several industries. Over 600 In-Line installations prove the reliability of the systems and provide a good reference.

Our turn-key solutions, provided from one hand include On-Line color measurement and Closed Loop Color Control. The system is working as a standalone unit, but can easily communicate with any process control system. Connections can be made to any process control system and other external signals like reel/sheet change, machine stop, meter counter or dye pumps.

Automatic Closed Loop Color Control takes the “guess work” out of the production by calculating the correct colorant adjustment. 

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Udo Habnit
Technology/Quality insurance, Arctic Paper
Mochenwangen, Germany

"Since we started using the On-Line Closed Loop Color Control from GretagMacbeth we have no more complaints about color from our customers.”

Ing. Paolo Pagani
3P s.r.l. Paper Production Promotion

"One Year after the installation the results are very positive, better than everyone expected. The return on investment was calculated by the reduction of waste only, and paid off immediately."
"Personally I believe that for every paper mill, which follows the concept of the ISO certification a system for continuous color control by GretagMacbeth is an inevitable step into the future."

Michael Fürster
Lenzing Papier
Lenzing, Austria

"In the olden days they needed between 30 and 50 min. to get the necessary colorimetrical results in the furbish. With the new technology 15-20 min. are sufficient."
" The colorimeter has done away the sampling and lab measuring which took time and effort. The operator can now concentrate on other jobs like controlling the input of fillers and/or chemicals."

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Martin Kaltenegger
Plant Manager LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH
Schrobenhausen, Germany

"After start-up of the system the advantages that had been expected were realized soon:
1.Reduction of waste during grade change by 25 to 50%
2. ..."
"However, no matter how intense and wide ranging the preparation for this project, it could not replace a certain – and as we know today, well justified – trust in the know-how of GretagMacbeth."

Oliver Csirits
Technical Director, Mondi
Raubling, Germany

"With such an increase in production the customer simply has to be satisfied, and the investment into the on-line color management is fully justified."
"The exact color control (online) makes for precisely meeting the predefined L*, a*, b* values. ΔE* values of 0.1 to 0.2 are realized."
"Little maintenance effort required."